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    Jason Vissers

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Jason Vissers

Jason Vissers

Expert Analyst & Reviewer at Merchant Maverick
Jason has been writing about small business software platforms, services, and financing since 2015. Jason’s expertise has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Time/NextAdvisor, Home Business Magazine, CreditCards.com, GoBankingRates, TheLadders.com, and other publications. He has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from San Diego State University and currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Jason Vissers
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We've done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them.

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    Kelly Bettale

    Organization Name: Mainline Marine Specialists

    Rates are horrible and are still going up! Lease contract was never explained and is outrageous! Elavon has lost funds to where we’ve had to hire a research team to find our funds, frozen our accounts for months at a time without explanation, and now has stolen funds directly from us plus the fees that were charged. Their machine doesn’t allow the card to go in correctly leaving us to manually type the number in therefore giving the customer a way to dispute the charges. We just lost $4100 that Elavon will do nothing about because of their negligent machine accusing us of fraudulent activity. So why would we pay services and fees to this merchant for 3 years for this to happen?? Doesn’t make sense. We sent have sent in all the information in to dispute this and they still will not do anything. This is a scam!!


    Organization Name: Scholl Company

    Elavon is a NIGHTMARE!!!!! Don’t use!!!! Not sure where Merchant Maverick is getting their info but it’s wrong and outdated. Elavon only has 1.5 stars out of 5 with the BBB. This doesn’t match what is being wrong reported here. STAY AWAY FROM ELAVON!!!!!!
    Use SQUARE instead, much better, easier and more convenient to work with.
    ELAVON BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jessica Dinsmore

    Hi Steven,

    Thanks very much for your candid review, and we are so sorry to hear about your negative experience! Elavon really is better for larger-sized businesses, but we do highlight a number of issues that we have with them, in the review. They definitely are not one of our preferred providers, at 3.5/5 stars, but can likely be a great solution for some. In looking into your concerns, the BBB does still show an A+ rating, despite the number of open and closed complaints, and the customer review score of 1.13/5 stars. Was there a specific statement in our review that is no longer accurate? If there has been a significant change that we can verify, we’d love to update the information. Thanks so much for your help in pinpointing the discrepancy!


    Organization Name: Sd motors ltd

    Avalon merchant services are crockAll they have good reviews all are fake Am trying to cancel my services from 3 months they still charge me every month plan was $10 moth they charge me $79 I ask them and they said that will talk to there accounting department First month they charge me $79 should be $10 that’s way I decided to cancel services I try to call same guys who contact me wia watts app I text them back but never received any response call 800 number they said they will cancel it but still charge me today again $45 so make sure guys before you take this service it is total fraud for me no email from this company no call no answer on whats aap because of they don’t want to cancel it The guy I talk to his name is [name redacted].



    A company by the name of mansoor brothers made some fake promises to us regarding pos service and agreed to give us all promises in writing after we signed up with them. They stop communicating with us  after we signed so we did not receive/activate any equipment. Now elavon and mansoor brothers charging us separately every month for nothing. Elavon sent an email acknowledging the account is closed (which was never opened) and still take 61.17 from our account. Scam scam. Return our money.

    Robs Fries

    Organization Name: Robs Fresh Cut Fries

    Had been doing business with this company for several years through third-party Helcim, with no problems. Decided this year to go directly with Elavon. BIG MISTAKE.
    Have had continuous terminal issues that went on for many months.
    We started to get a lot of not completed transactions, billed customers again, only to find out the transaction actually did go through the first time. Apparently they were having ‘trouble’ with Canadian customers (us), but never let us know until I called them. They said it was a terminal issue, that there was no resolution yet, and to start saving all the not completed receipts and we would be reimbursed.
    We were also out of luck for all the transactions that went through before we were told to save the receipts. UGH.
    I sent some of the not completed receipts in, but received only one fifth of the total amount. No idea why, and no response to an email to whom I sent them. We are probably out a total of 6-8,000. dollars. No recourse, no response, nada.
    So, our customers were charged, we didn’t get the money, but someone did. Smells like fraud to me.
    I have cancelled my subscription with them and sent back the rental terminal.
    Would not recommend them.

    Cal Aero Supply

    Organization Name: Elavon

    Never ever go with bank Elavon , their system is not secure . They are cheat customer Their technical are so poor. They make loose fund from the other customer they want to take money from may account to pay them . Even I have batch report to show all that sale belong to my store but they still don’t beleive me . They beleive fake batch report My terminal is wireless my customer always sign in screen but when I ask them the record from my customer sign they don’t have it . They want to steal my money . Who still have contract with them please be careful try to close account

    Gregory T Hart

    Organization Name: Firehouse Hostel & Museum

    Extremely poor customer support and tools to use. They will not send you monthly statements, you have to log into an account you have to set up up with them in order to do so. We had to close down the Firehouse Hostel , a non-profit organization, for approx 5 months in Dec 2020. When we opened back up we found that Elavon had been charging us for not completing PCI Compliance and fees for each month even though there were no transactions. Asked for forgiveness for those months and were denied as had to first complete the compliance for hopes in getting a couple months forgiven. As we had gone with another company, whish was better suited for the Hostel and with less charges. They would not close with account with anyone but the original admin. I got involved and requested closure- upon doing so the customer services rep wrote: with an account closed now you con no longer request refunds for the months previously requested. Such a sham business.!!!!!!

    Rodney Gray

    Organization Name: Pharaohs Estate Design & Casting Studio Inc

    DO NOT use this company they will HOLD all funds not release them. We processed roughly 40k in last 90 days and they have over 42k on holds, meaning they held every dollar processed.

    We do not use them any more, we had to block them from our bank account, we filed a police report as even after the business relationship was terminated, they took money unauthorized from our account. Our bank stopped it, another 22k.

    We have hired a lawyer, will be suing, and have filed charges with the local and US police departments.



    Organization Name: Ultamodan

    Do NOT use Elavon they can block your account with no notice. They will hold ALL of your funds and not tell you they are doing this. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.


    Organization Name: SL Contractors

    Signed up a couple of months ago, what a nightmare. A 20K transaction processed over a month ago still has not been deposited to our account. Steer clear.

    Merijeanne Moore

    Organization Name: Merijeanne Moore

    Absolutely atrocious customer service. After over a decade as a customer, I got a grammatically challenged demand for information “that matched the information of the Secretary of State”. The sender was chronically “out of the office” and refused to validate that he or she was actually with elavon, not a pfisher. Customer service at Elavon couldn’t tell me what information they had on file, why [Name Redacted] was involved, or how to resolve this. Ended the relationship with Elavon.

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